Web & APP Design

The Power Station | Websites | Weybridge Surrey

Already have a developer in mind for your project and need a designer to nail the layout and visual aspects of your site or app. We can work closely with your developer and provide the designs they need to create your perfect website or app design.

We ensure all of our designs are:

  • Visually pleasing to the user.

  • Easy to navigate through to the end goal.

  • Represents your brands style.

Squarespace Builds

The Power Station | Websites | Weybridge Surrey

We love Squarespace here at The Power Station! Our website is built using the platform and we are happy to now be offering businesses a ‘Design & Build’ service.

We can design, build and set up any website on Squarespace to then hand over to you so you can update your blogs or products yourself! No more high monthly maintenance fees!

Teaching you how to use your new site is part of our service and we endeavour to make sure you understand exactly how it works!


The Power Station | Websites

Your site has already been built, plenty of traffic is going to the site but you’re converting very little into sales.

Does this sound like your site?

You will probably benefit from our ‘Web Critique’ service, we will analyse your site and give you feedback as to why your site may not be working as it should for you.

Most of the time, it will be a quick and simple fix and you will see how amazing the results are when those sales start flooding in!